VK Elite

Dance Company

Meet Our Team


Vicki Slatter

Principal / Head Coach

Miss Vicki has 20+ years of dance history, and 10+ years of teaching. Retiring as a premier champ from the freestyle dance world at the age of 18 to complete her teaching qualifications, She absolutely loves teaching the kids and watching them progress. Dance and Acro has always been her passion and she feels bless to be able to pass her knowledge and expertise onto the next generation.


Elise Elsdon

Deputy Head Coach

Miss Elise is a ex student of Vicki's and has been taught by her for over 10 years. with her loyalty throughout the years, and being loved so much by the kids at VK, Elise has now become part of the teaching team, and landed the position of Deputy Head Coach. 


Eden Dobbs

Assistant Student Teacher

Our newest and Youngest addition to our team is another one of our very talented current students.  Eden is a Champion Slow Dancer and her technique is exceptional. Eden is currently assisting alongside student teacher Effi, and her older brother Jordan  used to teach for Vicki in the past, sp we are very much looking forward to training her up to become a official teacher when shes older.